Chapter 7 => i dyed my hair! Champagne pink

hello bunny readers, i'm so bored with my hair colour..my hair like a zebra.."belang belang" you can see at my chapter 4 and chapter 5, my hair already "belang belang" right? hahahahah LoL

i'm so lazy go to the salon..i think i will dyed my hair at home..and u know what, who dyed my hair?the person is jenggg jengggg "my hubby" he is so kind..he wants to help me....wooohooooo...luvvv u hubby bala bala...

but im a lil bit dissapointed with the colour..the colour is doesnt have the pink colour at all..
i think the colour is just the same with my hair colour before i dyed my hair...

lets seee the photo...please forgive my messy hair...my hair like a "kunti" kwwkwkwkwk LoL
OMG, bad hair day virusss is so mean :(

minus :
- the champagne pink name is doesnt have the "champagne pink" at all...lil bit dissapointed
- the smells too strong
- itchy at my scalp

plus :
- i dont have the "plus" because im not satisfied with this product
- the good news is "my hubby like the colour" LoL :D

i buy it from Watsons the price is around Rp.100.000 maybe..i forgot :(


Karin mengatakan...


I was planning to buy this also, but since my hair is in the darker shade than you, I guess it won't work also :T

anw, there's a TINY bit of pink shade on your last photo. Tiny... I mean, really tiny bit. but it's pinkish =)))

thanks for your review! ^^/

Inge Lakawa mengatakan...

cute warnanya cocok :3

do you want to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?
visit my blog ^^

melly anna mengatakan...

karin : if your hair darker shade than me it won't work :( i think u must bleaching your hair first if u want get the "pink" colour ;)

melly anna mengatakan...

inge lakawa : thx inge, i will follow you *kiss

GitaRegina mengatakan...

i see the hint of pink, maybe you'll got the hint when the flash hit your hair :D